What is your shipping policy?

We do our best to process all orders the moment they are received. Sometimes though we miss the mark because of the impending robot revolution, time traveling bandits, or a massive black hole threatening all of existence... Regardless, even in the face of certain annihilation, all orders are processed within 2-3 business days.

Our robot overlords work us Monday through Friday with mandatory rests on weekends and holidays (Its the mercy clause in our contract!) so orders are regrettably not processed or shipped on weekends or holidays.

If we are experiencing a high volume of orders, shipments may be delayed by a few days. (Trust us, the overlords will be incredibly displeased so this event is avoided at all costs!) Please allow additional days in transit for delivery. If there will be a significant delay in shipment of your order, we will contact you via email or telephone.


For entities (biological, non living, or other) residing in the United States, all shipments are delivered via USPS Priority Flat Rate service. Transit time is dependent upon proximity to St. Louis, MO.

Our automated shipping robot will notify you when your order is shipped and provide you with the multidimensional tracking identification cryptography key (Tracking number for you humans) so that you know where your order is located throughout time and space.

All shipping fees are automatically calculated by our automated shipping robot and classified by shipment size. Most single product orders will fall into our standard economy class. Larger orders may have to be shipped in multiple boxes. It is best if you plan on placing a larger order to contact us before placing your order.


3D Gloop! will ship packages to international and extraterrestrial entities.

Orders bound for international delivery could require additional processing time. Additionally, due to the distance and sometimes unreliable nature of matter teleportation, transit times may take up to 15 days...

Matter teleportation is also expensive as we must power up the particle accelerator to generate new unstable particles of matter. Because of these variables we may need to adjust shipping prices occasionally and you may be asked to pay additional charges after you check out before your order can be shipped.

Entities are responsible for VAT, tariff, taxes, handling fees, and customs clearance fees, etc required by your country or planet for importing consumer goods. Our overlords do not collect this before hand and we can not give you an estimate on these charges due to the varying nature of "the economy"...

For those entities shipping to an extraterrestrial address, please contact us before placing your order. Our overlords are good friends with the people at SpaceX so we may be able to offer a discount for those orders going to Mars. Please understand that rockets are dangerous and sometimes... Sometimes things go very wrong and well, they go boom. In the event of a catastrophic failure 3D gloop! will replace your order free of charge. It will ship via the next launch window.

For all other International and Extraterrestrial shipping questions please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service overlords!


Are returns accepted?

3D Gloop! is happy to process any return for any reason within 30 days of purchase.

If you should find yourself dissatisfied with our product for any reason please reach out to our customer service as we would wish to remedy your dissatisfaction.

Was your 3D Gloop! damaged in shipping? Send us a picture of the damage and we will ship a replacement out free of charge.

Backordered Products

From time to time our indentured servants, uh... employees! will have trouble keeping up with demand of this awesome science sauce. This, unfortunately, means our products will automatically be placed on backorder until we can increase our production.

Our automated checkout system will still allow certain items to be added to your cart and complete payment for your items. In doing so, you will be notified your products are backordered upon adding your selection to your cart.

Typically, backordered products are shipped within 10 business days with our average being around 5 business days. If you happen to place a backorder for products and the wait will be longer than 10 business days, our customer service overlords will reach out to you to keep you informed.

Backorders are fulfilled by the order they are received. So if you are really needing some 3D Gloop! you best be getting in line! 😉

If you should find yourself wondering when your order will ship please reach out to our customer service overlords and we will happily inform you about your order.

My brush is bent... I need a replacement.

We get this question a lot... So first, let us ask you a question. Did you by chance order one of our 75ml bottles of 3D Gloop! either as a standalone or as our Experimenters Kit?

If so, rest assured, this bent brush is NORMAL and your product is NOT defective. Every 75ml bottle of 3D Gloop! comes with what is called an “Angled Reach” brush top. The brush is bent at a 45ish-degree angle in order to reach the product all the way at the bottom of the bottle. Straight brushes are not able to efficently reach the bottom of our 75ml bottles and thus, product would be wasted if the brush was not angled.

Now, if you by chance didn't order a 75ml bottle and your brush is bent, then please do reach out to our customer service overlords as this is NOT NORMAL!


Is 3D Gloop! safe to use?

First, please refer to the products Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for specific instructions, precautions, warnings and risks.

3D Gloop! is a solvent based adhesive. Like with any adhesive it is imperative that it be used in a well ventilated environment and away from any source of ignition such as an open flame or spark.

As the solvent in 3D Gloop! evaporates, the adhesive will begin to dry. The solvent has a slight chemical smell sometimes followed with a sweet aroma. If you smell this solvent, chances are you do not have adequate ventilation. Please refer to section 8 of our SDS for more details on personal protection.

Do not under any circumstances directly inhale solvent vapors emanating form 3D Gloop! as permanent, irreversible damage to your olfactory nerves (Nose and nasal passage) may occur along with other serious health effects outlined in our SDS.

For other health and safety related concerns, please check the products Safety Data Sheet (SDS).


How do you use 3D Gloop! ?

3D Gloop! is quite simple to use really! We suggest you check out our How-To section on our website for more detailed information on application and other uses but we will give you the quicky here!

Before your first use, please refer to the products Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for specific handling instructions, precautions, warnings, and risks.

Once that is out of the way, prepare your printer by warming up your build platform. (Please make sure your build platform is clean by using a scraper or cleaning solution before applying your 3D Gloop!)

Remove your 3D Gloop! from its designated safety bag and open the container away from your face in a well ventilated area where you 3D printer is located.

3D Gloop! is best applied between temperatures of 40° - 70° C for heated build platforms or at room temperature for non heated platforms. - A good rule of thumb is to apply 3D Gloop! around 10° C away from your target temperature.

NEVER! apply new 3D Gloop! above 70° C as this could result in a fire or exposure to overwhelming solvent vapors as well as other safety & health risks. Please refer to the SDS for further information.

Start by quickly brushing at least 1 layer of 3D Gloop! onto your build platform slightly larger than the area of your part. - Try you best to make long sweeping brush strokes in the same direction.

Once your area is covered in 3D Gloop! wait approximately 45 seconds for the first layer to dry. Once dry, being application of another layer of 3D Gloop! making long sweeping brush strokes perpendicular to the previous layer of 3D Gloop! - You can apply as many layers as you like but 3D Gloop! preforms best at 1 - 3 layers thick.

Wait for all the applied layers to dry before beginning your print and that's it! Overall, its pretty simple, Right?

We hope you enjoy your 3D Gloop! - Happy Printing!


What build platforms can I use with 3D Gloop?

3D Gloop! is a solvent based adhesive compound that has incredible bonding characteristics. Our overlords recommend only using 3D Gloop! on glass build plates with the exception of kapton/polyimide tapes, painters tape, and some PEI sheets.

Our overlords do not recommend using 3D Gloop! on Prusa style PEI coated build platforms. Most PEI sheets are compatible with 3D Gloop! but it is strongly recommended to test interactions in a small area or corner of your build platform with your specific printer. DO NOT use 3D Gloop! on any plastic or textured print surface as it will likely permanently fuse to it.

If you should find yourself wishing to use 3D Gloop! on a plastic build plate make sure you protect the surface by using a superficial layer such as tape.


Why are there different versions of 3D Gloop! ?

3D printing is exciting, fulfilling, and quite simply enjoyable. Our overlords understand that there are wide variety of materials available in the ecosystem not just ABS and PLA. And besides, printing in only two materials isn't a whole lot of fun...

3D Gloop! currently offers two families of adhesive with many more in the works this very moment!

To put this simply:

3D Gloop! ABS is specially formulated for ABS filaments.

3D Gloop! PLA is specially formulated for PLA filaments.

We know there are other solutions out there to bed adhesion claiming a one size fits all shouting "works with all filaments" showing you simple comparisons and promising the world and then some.... Ultimately though, these one size fits all solutions are mediocre at best. And even more frustrating, most if not all of their formulations are based on common adhesives such as Styrene/Acrylates Copolymers, Vinyl Acetate, Poly Vinyl Acetate (PVA), Poly Vinyl butyral (PVB), and Poly Vinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP). Most of wich are commonly found in hair spray and glue sticks... Seriously? Who wants to pay for over priced glue sticks?

3D Gloop! is different. Our adhesive formulation is engineered from the ground up to work with a specific plastic such as ABS or PLA.

Science, and a lot of testing helped the slaves I mean chemists here at the 3D Gloop! laboratories perfect each compound for the best performance. This means you, our conquered servants, I mean customers get the best performing print adhesive on the market.


Are 3D Gloop! ABS and PLA interchangeable?

Unfortunately 3D Gloop! formulations are not interchnageable.

3D Gloop! ABS is not compatible with PLA filaments when used as a bed adhesive. Likewise 3D Gloop! PLA is not compatiable with ABS filaments.

Each version of 3D Gloop! is specifically formulated to work with a specific family of plastic. 3D Gloop! ABS works with all ABS plastics as 3D Gloop! PLA works with all PLA plastics.

While it is possible that a version of 3D Gloop! may work with other plastics, our overlords do not officially guarantee the use on anything other that the specific formulation.

Our slaved chemists are hard at work expanding the compatible plastics for 3D Gloop! and we soon hope to offer PETG, PC, TPU, and even Nylon Gloop!


How long does 3D Gloop! last?

3D Gloop! is good for up to 1 year when left unopend sealed tight in its container and safety bag stored correctly at a temperature below 15°C [60°F]. 3D Gloop! Overlords even extend a 3 month warranty on all products we sell! It is possible that 3D Gloop! will last much longer with proper use and care but that means you're not using 3D Gloop! as often as you should be... (Warning) Don't displease the Overlords!

It is recomended that every brush top or bulk bottle of 3D Gloop! be used completely within a period of 2 months from date of opening to ensure the best possible results. That's not to say you can't take longer to use your oh so coveted 3D Gloop!

Our standard 75ml (2.5oz) packages of 3D Gloop! should cover around 1.1 square meters (11.8 square feet) when applied in a single layer.

Using the optimal application of 3D Gloop! that equates to around:

60 - 120 small prints (5.5cm | 2.2in)², 30 - 60 medium prints (8.0cm | 3.2in)², 15 - 30 large prints (11.5cm | 4.5in)²

Throughout normal use of 3D Gloop! you might notice your gloop has progressively gotten thicker than normal or perhaps solidified beyond use. In any event, should your 3D Gloop! no longer be usable within 3 months of purchase, drop one of our customer service overlords a note and we will instruct you to send your unusable 3D Gloop! back to our factory in exchange for a brand new bottle! - How cool?!


Is 3D Gloop! gluten free?

We are proud to announce that version 1.0 of 3D gloop is indeed gluten free! But... We would like to strongly stress that no human or living biological entity consume 3D Gloop! in any manner. It does not taste very good and it can make biological life very ill even result in death.

Just don't do it... Okay?


How do I order wholesale?

Are you a robot overlord selling other 3D printer related goods or services? Are you interested in reselling 3D Gloop! to your conquered servants, I mean customers? Please reach out to customer service with your inquiry today!


Tips for better ABS printing using 3D Gloop! ?

While 3D Gloop! is incredibly impressive, it is still an adhesive... As much as we want to bend the laws of physics we're simply not that smart. - Yet!

3D Gloop! is science, not magic...

3D Gloop! is designed to help your printer produce high quality prints in ABS and PLA. Now keep in mind that every printer is different, and every model printed is unique in its own ways. When using 3D Gloop! you are putting a lot of science to work hopefully resulting in a stunning near perfect print every time. Sometimes even the best heroes can't save the girl.

If you are experiencing warping when printing ABS using 3D Gloop! bed adhesive, here are some helpful tips that should produce better results.

When printing in ABS, typical practices to reduce curling/warping as well as improve layer adhesion are still very useful and, in many cases, helpful when relying on 3D Gloop! to adhere your print to the build platform.

TEMPERATURE: While our scientists and others in the community have successfully printed ABS on room temperature build platforms countless times it is still recommended to use a little bit of heat if you have the capability. Against conventional practices and wisdom, 3D Gloop! ABS works best with bed temperatures lower that 80° c. Above this temperature 3D Gloop! offers no extra holding ability. Above 90° c slight losses of holding performance is noticed expanding further as temperatures approach 110° c and above. Every printer is different, but a good target should be a bed temperature of 70°c.

SPEED: Generally, when using 3D Gloop!, the slower the printing speed the better the performance. Printing ABS at high speed using 3D Gloop! is totally possible! The results are pretty impressive too! But, for larger models, slower feed rates enable more uniform cooling as a new layer is deposited thus resulting in less internal stresses and hopefully less warping.

LAYER SETTINGS: When printing in ABS using 3D Gloop! it is a best practice to use as little infill as required by your part. Not only will this save you printing time and reduce material costs, it will help ensure a flawless print! ABS is prone to warping/curling due to the high shrinkage ratio between hot extruded plastic and cold fused plastic. As layers build on you prints, stresses accumulate proportional to the amount of plastic being deposited. As one could imagine a part with 100% infill is likely more prone to warping than one with 10% infill.

Layer height has little effect on 3D Gloop! other than the first layer. It is again a best practice to print your first layer at 90% of your desired layer height and 105% - 110% extrusion to facilitate proper bonding of your print to 3D Gloop!

ADDITIONAL SETTINGS: Our overlords recommend when printing in ABS to use a brim with at least 4 mm of stick out around your part. If you are using Simplify 3D, multiple layers of brim are sometimes helpful for tricky or stubborn pieces.

Sharp corners are the hardest for any bed adhesion mechanism. 3D Gloop! is no exception to that rule unfortunately. - Again, it’s not magic. With 3D Gloop! warping or curling is minimal when compared to other methods if no brim is used during a print. However, with some patience, fine-tuning, and the correct application of 3D Gloop! it is totally possible to print with no curling or warping without the use of a brim.


Any other questions?

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California Residents & Proposition 65

California's Proposition 65 entitles California consumers to special warnings for certain products that contain chemicals above certain threshold levels.

The general Proposition 65 notice is as follows: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.